Meyra Sprint
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Meyra Sprint, electrical wheelchair

Product Description

Meyra Sprint

The electric wheelchair Meyra Sprint fulfills the wish for mobility and more independence by way of a new styling of the proven MEYRA technology.

Benefit from the design advantages of your wheelchair, both indoors (e.g. at home, at your place of work) and outdoors.

Electrical wheelchair, outdoor electric wheelchair.

The more extreme the handicap, the more important are even the smallest steps, that means movement.

Width 670mm, lenght 1130mm,

Max. person weight 120 kg,

Range 40 km,

Speed 6 km/h

Price in EURO for the total of rental weeks:

  • 1 week   – EUR 100,00
  • 2 weeks – EUR 190,00
  • 3 weeks – EUR 270,00
  • 4 weeks – EUR 350,00
  • 5 weeks – EUR 430,00
  • 6 weeks – EUR 510,00

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