AKS Torneo, hoist to get up

Product Description

The practical active hoist aks-torneo enriches with its unique functionality the complete aks-hoist family. You can rent this mobility aid on your vacation abroad on the Algarve in Portugal.  It is suitable for the active moving of a person in connection with aks-slings in home care or in nursing homes. Compared with the standard hoist the person is not moved in sitting position but gently in raised and standing position, e. g. to the toilet.
So the patient is animated to active assistance. The request for assistance causes additional mobilisation of the circulation and also strengthening of the musculature.
The advantages of the aks-hoist:
• Quick putting on the raise-up sling
• Effortless and gentle for the back
• Safe transfer in standing position by user-friendly formed beam, with comfortable and upholstered sling with chest loop and also an adjustable shin pad (1)
• To put on and off clothes without problems by free access to the body
• Easily foldable and transportable without tools
• Easy and uncomplicated handling
• Comfortable hand control with big buttons
• Ergonomically formed pushing handle for user-friendly operation (2)
• Mechanical spreading of the chassis by using the pedal
• High stability by two lockable castors and solid construction
• More safety by mechanical emergency lowering (3) and emergency button in case of any electrical errors (4)
• Optical and acoustical warning to avoid deep discharging of thebatteries when using the hand control.
The active hoist, AKS TORNEO, is preferably implemented for persons with residual mobility. The uprighting process is executed in a manner that is on kinematics; the movements of the patient are optimally supported through the hoist.

Price in EURO for the total of rental weeks:

  • 1 week   – EUR     60,00
  • 2 weeks – EUR   120,00
  • 3 weeks – EUR   180,00
  • 4 weeks – EUR   240,00

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