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Full mobility and care services

SulCare offers a full mobility service to customers that includes mobility equipment rentals and sales alongside a full delivery service and after sales care specially in the Algarve.
We are also able to provide contacts for customers that require holiday properties or hotels that are equipped for elderly and disabled people with a need of mobilility aids, as well as nursing service in the Algarve.
Special treatments advisory, such as for podologists, daycare and other professional service providers.

Products for Rent

Sulcare rents high quality mobility aids like wheelchairs, pool lifts, ramps, Electric Scooters, Stair climbers, Products for Domestic help, Health Chairs, rent for better mobility. See full list of SulCare rental offers here...

Products for Sale

We got a large range of mobility products like Beds, Mattresses, Lift and stair climbers, and climbing the Ladder Lift Products, Home Care Products for sale. Please find our mobility equipment for sale here...


Should you need assistance to hire, rent, or transport your mobility equipment to your accommodation in the Algarve, would you need maintenance or other service, let us know, we´ll be there.

We care for your mobility

SulCare - Vale de Lousas, Casa Eira, Ap. 016, 8366-908 Alcantarilha . +351 289 417 243 or +351 960 004 682 . info@sulcare.com